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Welcome to Civil Perspective; we’re a team of civil engineers in Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast with a difference. What makes us stand out? We’ve got over 30 years of industry experience and we’re a company who operates with strong business values and ethics.

Our Misson

Civil Perspective is determined to establish itself within the Engineering and Development sectors as a leading engineering firm, with strong business ethics and values, innovative and constructible engineering designs, a reputation of excellent service, and reducing approval times by ensuring what we do will be approved on time. This will result in less financial burden on the client if the job is executed correctly in the first instance. Read More

We specialise in innovative and constructible engineering designs and we’ve a reputation for providing an exceptional service for each and every one of our clients in Brisbane and beyond.

Your Brisbane Civil Engineer Partner for all Construction Projects

As Brisbane and the rest of Queensland continue to develop and new horizons are being shaped, an awareness of the importance of sustainable development takes centre stage. Through our project partnerships, we are proud to be a part of this continuing development and we’re constantly investing in new innovation while seeking new and better solutions for our clients and for our environment.

Our Civil Engineers in Brisbane Work on Residential, Commercial & Industrial Property Developments

When it comes to choosing a company to work with, you’ll want a firm that has proper accreditation, solid experience, qualified personnel, the ability to plan a project from implementation to delivery and provide subsequent maintenance. You’ll also want a company that’s committed to and respectful of their clients.

For all of that, we’ve got you covered. Our vision is to shape the future of engineering by providing our clients with outstanding designs, constructible designs, and approved designs with minimal stress for the client.

We can work on all kinds of residential, commercial and industrial property developments so just get in touch with a member of our team today to tell us about your goals and dreams for your next project.

Why choose Civil Perspective as your construction partner?

Civil Perspective is an established ISO Certified and QUU Endorsed civil consulting firm based in Brisbane. Our deep understanding of the local environment enables us to ensure the best possible results for our clients.

We’re your local property development specialists in Brisbane and we’d love to have the opportunity to work with you when it comes to the following stages of your next project;


Seeking out strong development partnerships has been an important factor to our success. The ability to work in harmony and close collaboration with other players in the Brisbane civil construction sector as well as the environment sector – whose role is increasingly being incorporated to ensure sustainable development – enables us to gain a real understanding of the entire process and the implications at each stage. This gives us the ability to develop unique Design and Construct packages for each project.

We consult with our clients at each stage to ensure that we deliver outstanding outcomes. We forge relationships that are solid and long-lasting with our clients and our collaborative partners so you know you’re in good hands when you choose us.

Have a question? Our civil engineers and construction team would love to hear from you.

Civil Perspective would be privileged to partner with you on your next project and we invite you to contact us and take advantage of our free consultation.

Engineering covers a broad range of skills but is mainly concerned with the application of scientific principles to design, construct and maintain structures, machines and processes.

In our case, we specialise in structural engineering for buildings and civil engineering for earthworks and site preparation. We combine these with project management services to provide complete control of your Brisbane civil construction projects.

As part our engineering expertise, we can design all sizes and complexities of projects and ensure they’re delivered to meet your expectations.

And as you would expect from one of the best engineering companies in Brisbane, our ISO 9001:2015 DAS certification ensures quality throughout the whole process and means all buildings have a high standard of design as well as construction.

Creating Buildings that Work for You

No matter how complex or large your project, we’ll ensure it works effectively by breaking it down into more manageable parts that work together. We’ll assess your site, identify any potential challenges as well as features that can be taken advantage of, and determine its suitability for what is proposed.

Certain sites are more challenging than others but all present opportunities that need to be recognised and used. We’ll employ the knowledge and expertise gained in previous projects to make the most of every site and overcome any problems in the most effective manner possible.

We’ll use advanced techniques that include modelling to illustrate how a completed development will look and we’ll demonstrate its usability, energy efficiency and other features to indicate the practicability of the overall project.

At all stages, we communicate effectively with the client so there’s no doubt about what is being proposed and we’ll involve all other interested parties, such as architects and builders, so there are no hidden surprises. Our aim is to deliver a design that’s workable from the outset rather than one that’s adapted multiple times before being agreed. That saves money as well as ensuring the project is delivered much quicker.

Delivering a Safe and Risk Free Project

Our involvement with the engineering aspects of the project continues right through its development — we don’t just complete the design and walk away. We want to ensure our design really works as it should and that a building is constructed as we envisage it.

That involvement can continue right through the lifecycle of a building, starting with the feasibility study for its construction and continuing through design, development, use throughout its life and right through to the building’s demolition and replacement.

We’re in for the long haul if required because we take great pride in our engineering designs and are more than happy to see them through every stage — it fact, we’d prefer to do that if we can.

We can be involved in engineering design, procurement, construction and project management to ensure a development goes to plan. And at each stage, we’ll aim to minimise the risks by identifying and dealing with them early rather than leaving them to get worse.

We have a big interest in communication with all parties and at all stages of a project. That way, everything runs as smoothly as it can and your project is delivered to your complete satisfaction.

Our expert engineering consultants here at Civil Perspective can provide creative, sustainable solutions for a range of projects such as, land subdivision, construction project management, DA approval, development projects and much more. Contact us today for more information.

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Our Vision

  • Shaping the future of engineering by providing the client with excellent designs, constructible designs, and approved designs with minimal fuss to the client.
  • Exhibiting strong values such as respect and kindness to all.
  • All designs must be safe, compliant, constructible and consider the surrounding environment for both nature and people.
  • Empowering employees to be the best they can be.
  • Delivering the dreams of clients.

Our Ethics


Ensuring all people are treated correctly regardless of their background and expertise. Under no circumstances is one person better than another, as everyone is equal. At all times, due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others must be exercised whether this is at work, at home, with clients or working with others.


A sense of pride in all that we design and achieve, this reflects upon the high quality of work produced for every client we engage with.


Being friendly, courteous, compassionate and considerate to everyone.


To provide a great experience for our client during the development process. Be inspired to achieve the goals of the client and their development dream. Civil Perspective is extremely passionate about upholding these values and under no circumstance will Civil Perspective work with any persons that do not respect or exercise kindness to our employees.


Allowing employees of Civil Perspective to exhibit their true potential by giving them the opportunity of expression at all times. Help employees extend their horizons, grow within the business and help individuals to develop into what they want to be. This will extend to clients to think outside the box with developments and Civil Perspective will encourage this through the due diligence process.

For all your residential, commercial and industrial property developments.

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