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When you need detailed design drawings, construction sign-off and      as-constructed certification for your development, talk with our civil engineers for a FREE consultation and independent expert advice.

Upon a review of the Development Application from Council, the conditions within the DA will outline what is required to be executed by an RPEQ. If the original Development Application was executed correctly, the conditions within the Development Application will allow the developer to organize his/her own engineer to sign off on certain conditions without input from Council. Civil perspective call this a D & C (Design and Construct).

The conditions in the Development Application is allowing the developer to construct the project under the supervision of an RPEQ for certain engineering elements. There is a process that needs to be followed before commencing the development. In most cases, a very simple process can be followed which is outlined below:

  • Detail Design of the engineering element
  • RPEQ signed drawings issued to client/contractor
  • Construction occurs
  • Site Inspections required by RPEQ
  • RPEQ receives as-constructed survey
  • As Constructed plans are developed and submitted

Recognition with the Institute of Engineer’s Australia and registration with the Board of Professional Engineers (Queensland Government) allows Civil Perspective Engineers to provide certification of the detailed design and construction for most civil engineering elements pertained in a development.

Civil Perspective has completed submissions for residential, commercial and industrial developments all over South-East Queensland. Our experience within the field of engineering allows us to obtain swift approvals from local authorities to ensure construction can start as soon as possible.

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