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If you are looking at a new development and would like someone to manage it from start to finish, talk with us for a FREE consultation and independent expert advice.

Getting started can be a challenge, especially if the development is your first time.  A lot of costly mistakes can be had, causing the project to falter without any return.  Surrounding yourself with the right team is criteria to your project being a successful and profitable one. At Civil Perspective we believe we are the right team for your development.  We have a proven track record of achieving an excellent outcome with our current clients and believe we can contribute to your development in the same way

Research, Research, Research….we have access to a lot of data and information which may not be provided to you when making an informed decision on your development.  As part of our Feasibility and Due Diligence assessment, we will source all the detail needed, including any surrounding sales data, and provide you with a break-down of what is currently on site, what can be done, and how this can be done.  Along with your vision, we will match the applications, engineering and construction around this and provide you with full documentation of the outcomes and processes.  We also provide our clients with a cost estimate at every stage of the development and also provide an understanding of any risks associated with the development.  Cost and Risk management are fundamentals for any project and need addressing at all times.

Not only can we provide you with an understanding on how the process of Development occurs, we can also contribute in the area of Civil Engineering.  We believe that these two disciplines work well together to create a fantastic outcome at both the planning and construction phases of the development.  As part of our Project Management services, we can sort any approvals and/or direction from most service providers, such as APA, Queensland Urban Utilities, Unity Water, Gold Coast Water, Telstra, Energex and Ergon.  These suppliers need to be involved in the project early on, if any of their assets are impacted during the development.  We take an approach of working with them, than working against them, as the outcome we are trying to achieve is vital to a development being viable.  Our civil engineering expertise can be found on our website.

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