If you need a connection to the QUU network for either water & or sewer other than standard water meter connection, we can help you.  Talk with Civil Perspective for independent expert advice.

Civil Perspective is a QUU Endorsed Water & Sewer Consultant for all water and sewer minor works. If your property development requires a connection to an existing QUU water or sewer network, we can help you.

As part of any development, connection to the existing water and sewerage infrastructure is required for plan sealing/titling. This element of the development does seem to be left to the last minute and can cause delays. It is imperative that this design and application be lodged as soon as you know the development will be commencing.

Obtaining an initial approval from QUU is vital if you require your building hydraulics design to be approved by Council. The council requires the initial approval from QUU in order for the internal plumbing to be approved. So, it is so important to engage this element as soon as you know you are developing.

The process of gaining a Design Approval and then a Connection Certificate can be confusing and complex. If not executed correctly, can cost the developer time and money. It is important to understand the steps from design, construction and as construction certification before commencing onsite works. Civil Perspectives civil engineering consultants will walk you through the process in detail so that lengthy delays are minimized.

If you are developing, it is likely you will require either one of the following water and sewer connections

  • Property service connections
  • Network connections
  • Staged water connections
  • Services advice notice

If you need a connection to the QUU Network, other than a standard water meter connection, we can help you. 

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