Subdivision Regulations Services in Brisbane

When you decide that it’s time to move forward with that idea you had for a parcel of land that’s been sitting idle for the last few months or even years you quickly come to understand that it’s not just a simple process but requires a serious amount of planning, applications and proper execution.

Our Mission

Civil Perspective is determined to establish itself within the Engineering and Development sectors as a leading engineering firm, with strong business ethics and values, innovative and constructible engineering designs, a reputation of excellent service, and reducing approval times by ensuring what we do will be approved on time. This will result in less financial burden on the client if the job is executed correctly in the first instance. Read More

At Civil Perspective we are civil engineers with a difference. We’re not just all about the numbers; we look at the larger picture and can see issues before they arise because of our combined experience of 30 years in the industry. Subdivision regulations are just one part of the range of civil engineering services we offer but our goal for each client we work with is the same: minimum fuss, within budget, on time and all the correct development approvals in place.

At Civil Perspective you will find an ISO 9001:2015 DAS Certification, as well as Certified, Endorsed QUU consultants who are committed to providing exceptional service backed by strong business ethics and values.

When it comes to design you will find us innovative and not afraid to think outside the box in order to help achieve your project goals in the most efficient and effective way. We believe in getting things right the first time, and so when you hire Civil Perspective you are looking at savings of not only time but also money.

Let us Put Our 30 Years’ Experience in Subdivision Regulations to Work For You

We solve developers’ problems and when engaged at the beginning of a project we can offer a complete package of services that incorporates design and construction that could save tens of thousands of dollars. Despite the size of our company, our reputation speaks for itself.

We achieved a development application and plan sealing in just 4 months on the Gold Coast, which included the Christmas break, and have a number of testimonials on our site speaking to our unique attitude and approach to ensuring that our clients receive a service that is fast, efficient and respectful to all, at all times.

Among the many services we provide that we have in-depth knowledge of are:

– Consultant for minor water and sewer works
– Bill of Quantities and Estimates
– Due Diligence Assessment of development
– Site based stormwater management plan
– Flood and Overland Flow Assessment reports
– Traffic impact assessment reports
– Engineering Services report
– Design and Construction Certification
– Superintendent Construction Roles
– Unitywater Water and Sewer designs and approvals
– Detailed Civil Design for Operational Works Approval
– As Constructed Documentation

Subdivision Regulations in Brisbane

When it comes to the process of subdivision in Brisbane a development application must be made to the Brisbane Council who will assess it under code or impact. Minimum lot sizes and frontages will also apply and differ depending on which zone your property is in and there are many factors to consider prior to submitting the application.

At Civil Perspective we offer a free consultation up-front to those who are looking to engage an engineering firm that can streamline the entire process, save money and keep them in the loop at all stages of the project development.

We have offices in Moreton Bay and the Sunshine Coast and we’re ready, willing and able to put our expertise to work so that our clients can move forward with their projects with minimum fuss or delay. So, call or email and let Civil Perspective get things moving.

Our expert engineering consultants here at Civil Perspective can provide creative, sustainable solutions for a range of projects such as, land subdivision, construction project management, DA approval, development projects and much more. Contact us today for more information.

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Our Vision

  • Shaping the future of engineering by providing the client with excellent designs, constructible designs, and approved designs with minimal fuss to the client.
  • Exhibiting strong values such as respect and kindness to all.
  • All designs must be safe, compliant, constructible and consider the surrounding environment for both nature and people.
  • Empowering employees to be the best they can be.
  • Delivering the dreams of clients.

Our Ethics


Ensuring all people are treated correctly regardless of their background and expertise. Under no circumstances is one person better than another, as everyone is equal. At all times, due regard for the feelings, wishes, or rights of others must be exercised whether this is at work, at home, with clients or working with others.


A sense of pride in all that we design and achieve, this reflects upon the high quality of work produced for every client we engage with.


Being friendly, courteous, compassionate and considerate to everyone.


To provide a great experience for our client during the development process. Be inspired to achieve the goals of the client and their development dream. Civil Perspective is extremely passionate about upholding these values and under no circumstance will Civil Perspective work with any persons that do not respect or exercise kindness to our employees.


Allowing employees of Civil Perspective to exhibit their true potential by giving them the opportunity of expression at all times. Help employees extend their horizons, grow within the business and help individuals to develop into what they want to be. This will extend to clients to think outside the box with developments and Civil Perspective will encourage this through the due diligence process.

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